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Monday, December 17, 2012


Assalamualaikum.. Monday Morning..oppps afternoon already..!!

I hope my world not to turn around today..
I don't know what happen right now..I don't why everybody always staring at me..look at me like have something-something that I don't know the truth..especially to all classmate HIM..
What should I do..?? Escaping??? Wearing Purdah?? huh its not the right solution..
Arrgggggghhhh What actually happen right now?? Please somebody tell me.. I don't to live like this..Like a serial criminal that just escape from prison.

Please!! I just want to know what really people talking about me right now..!! I will accept anything..whether its bad or its good news for I am cravings like a crazy person waiting for the truth to be real..

Hey YOU!!! Please la..Don't just keep in silent..Just tell me..I Beg You..Don't make my life messy and I am going to die..Hah like a stalker I find the solution..but never reveal..
Okey I will wait..But better you hurry up before I've changed My mind..

*To my dearest readers..
Sorry for my broken English..huhu

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